May 24
Jun 2

Check it out! Mix of classical, dubstep, glitch and electro! Hope you enjoy!

Apr 13

Beat by:

Dew covered leafs, dotting grass lines, summers anvil, from my spring fed angel of inspiration, summed up in a fundamentally sound, presentation, no color in my gra(y)dation, I’m too bland, to blend, but that’s just a matter of perspective, respective to your point of view, somethings I guess aren’t really that new, or what we knew, do we have a clue, or is it too taboo, to pursue the permanent, as if it were a tattoo, or do I need to put it permanently onto you? A “Momento”(1), cuz I’m going in gung-ho, at the speed of Apollo, I just spit, don’t swallow, lead, don’t follow, in my shadow, my gusto, appearing in split seconds(2), right now, presto…

The fire rain(3), it slowly came, The fire rained, down, down, down, the drain, when the fire rains, I feel no pain, when the fire rains, I realize its not all in vain, the fire rain, the fire rain, etc.

Day break, napalm laced, librettos, concerto con-tempo(4), uptempo from Orlando to Tokyo(5), bloom, blossom, Awesome Job Tim and Eric(6), complain that I’m too “Atmospher”ic(7), well you are just generic, call a cleric, I fix shit or fuck it up, call my prescription Eric(8), utterly old, but classically barbaric…

My vexed ventures, are just misadventures, caused by bad decisions, bad visions, and achy incisors, changed more then a dozen dirty diapers, go ahead and come on if you think you can join in our cipher, where we strike like pit vipers, pounce on MC’s like tigers, the masters of ceremonies, while yall are just phonies, this Rock(9) stops all that shit jahbroni(9), so get off your little one trick pony. My four loco, SoHo(10) avant gardeism, Descartes(11) dualism(12), dualist, striking with an Iron Fist, thanks Jfresh(13), I’m at my thresh-force hold(14), so it’s off to Rome/Roam, monochromatic personality, ergo the psychosomatic mantis(15) from my metal gear(15) mind state, this primitive upright speaking primate, whose rhymes come off merely second rate…

(1): Reference to the movie Momento, where the guy cannot remember things, so he tattoos details on his body
(2): Reference to Busdriver’s song
(3): Dirty Porcelain and James Taylor’s Fire and Rain
(4): Used to describe others beats that I use
(5): Where I from to how far we have reached (i.e. ) on Soundcloud…
(6): Reference to the T.V. show; also, Jfresh and I.
(7): Rapper reference, Atmosphere like…
(8): Who I am
(9): Wrestler, the peoples champion, laid the smackdown on jahbronies
(10): An upscale part of New York, considered unique
(11): Founder of dualism
(12): the belief that a human being embodies two parts, as body and soul (theological)
(14): Darth Vader’s choke
(15): Boss in Metal Gear Solid, who had psychic abilities and could predict your moves

Apr 13

Freestyle over a Areou collab:

Apr 13

Beat by:

Ok…. I’m Sorry… I guess I just suck..

My physics non-physical, moving fast enough to be classified in the quantum state, Am I not original? whose thoughts could be printable? at least by principle?

My alienated experience, allows for a solid bundle of variance, that completely compliments, my Thomas Paine “Common Sense”, these sentiments that I sent that were meant, to explain how I really feel, But I guess you were too busy trying to reinvent the wheel, to catch my ideals…

So I question my existence, the pertinence of my pen, the punitive action taken, stricken my spoken word rap mouth play, its just foul play, my light ray went away, thoughts must have run off, gone astray, these rancid run-offs that run-in, are better displayed through the motion of a piano or violin, so I cave in, I guess I just let you all get under my skin…

Hairpin fracture lines run the current of my drift, but I try to convince myself that these Midnight Dives aren’t what was displayed or advertised, quick drawn outlaw, who speaks like the Riddler, but cuts like Jigsaw, I guess I’m just another corn ball, in bad form, these Midnight Dives strike like lightning in my storm…

It must be true then, when it rains, it pours, inside my flood, the dotted lines, they underscore, my Midnight Dives, faceplanting, refraining from the fact my lungs are collapsing, gasping, but capturing the beauty thats left, my beauty, well thats just a guess at best, in the eye of the beholder, as these days grow older, my fiber optics no longer clear…

So stand clear, my little deer, I read Joyce to help release my stream of consciousness, it’s ambiguous to my analysis…

But that’s just how it’s written, Free Association, which may seem careless, or more to care, it all depends on if you follow the compass, to what I encompass, tumultuous and wondrous, my inception was ominous, my words, magician’s misdirection, lost connection, to dial up, so I dial in, link up, Midnight Dives, my twenty-four car pile up, cavalier, a bio-world-word-engineer, a pioneer who’s on the frontier, or am I just fronting? Well then I guess I’ll just say nothing, I’ll just say nothing…

Mar 26
Mar 22
Mar 11

Kung-Fu influenced beatbox song…

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Mar 8

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Mar 6


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